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Aluminum Fencing

Fence Installation

We offer a wide variety of fences to suite any needs. Our fences are composed of Wood, Chain link, Aluminum, Vinyl, and Steel. With a variety of different styles to chose from for each of the materials listed.

Wood Fences
We can build wood fences as short as 3 ft high to as tall as 8 ft. high and in over 25 styles. All of our wood fence panels are built entirely by us and are custom made for every project using nothing but #1 U.S. milled Western Red Cedar. Each fence panel uses western red cedar boards that are attached to 2x4x8 back rails using 2 3/8 inch ring shanked stainless steel or aluminum nails to prevent any rusting whatsoever. All wood fence panels are pre drilled and attached to 4x4 post using 40 d galvanized 5-inch long hand nailed nails to be assured that the section will not be blown away from the post. Fence posts are sunk 36 to 42 inches in concrete to support any wind pressure and maintain fence up for years to come.
PVC (vinyl) Fences
Beautiful life lasting and a great investment. Available in 5 different colors, there is no wrong way to go when choosing and properly installing a vinyl coated fence. Though there are many vinyl fence producers the best by far is Certain Teed (bufftech). With the quality of the materials Certain Teed (bufftech) produced and Arteaga Fences expert craftsmanship you will never have to replace your fence again.
Aluminum Fences
Aluminum FencingWhen creating a property barrier or adding a luxurious touch to your property an aluminum fence will fit perfect and will look exceptional. No maintenance needed and available in a wide verity of styles and colors form our suppliers Jerith and Specrail. Arteaga Fence is fully certified to install any style of aluminum fence that suites your needs. Each aluminum panel is installed every 6 ft and slid in a 2x2 post then held by 1 5/8 inch screws to prevent panel from sliding out and falling off the post. Each post is set 36-42 inches in concrete to prevent your fence from falling or moving. sections will usually be raised one to two inches above the ground and will follow the couture of your yard.
Chain Link Fences
There are two main types of chain link, galvanized and vinyl coated. Galvanized chain link fence is very economical and maintenance free and is available in heights of up to 12 ft. There is also vinyl coated chain link, which has its perks, being that it is available in different colors giving chain link a different look and also maintenance free. Chain link is of the best options if your looking for an economical and long lasting boundary fence. We use only the #1 manufacture of chain link piping and wire mesh for all of our chain link installs, which is nonetheless then Merchants Metals. Chain link fence post are installed at a maximum of 10 ft apart in 36-42 inches in concrete and will follow the couture of your yard and are let to sit for at least one day. Then the rest of the framing, mesh, and other options get installed after your post are set and dry.

Deck & Patio Installation

Decks can be custom built to any needs using green treated lumber, cedar, and composite materials. We will plan, deign, and build any size deck or layout that you can imagine. Contact us for more information.

Patio Installation

Uni-lock is the only way to go when building your dream patio. With one of the widest verities of styles and color palettes available for brick paving on the market, you're sure to find what you're looking for, and not to forget it's the expert craftsmanship of Arteaga fence. It's a win win situation. Contact us for more information.

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